Single Serving Stories

Brad OH Inc. is proud to be able to offer its fans quick, accessible reads. Who’s never arrived home from a long days work, looked at their dusty TV screen, their tired I-pod, or their unaffectionate spouse and thought- ‘You know, what I need is a nice short story.’
Well, we heard you! This page is a place to keep track of all the short stories released here at Brad OH Inc. Feel free to browse, download, and share. Indeed, we live in a world of single serving meals, soaps, relationships and sincerity, so why not crack open a single serving story and enjoy yourself?

Each and every ‘Single Serving Story’ can be downloaded directly to your computer from the links provided at the end of the descriptions. This will take you to ‘Smashwords’, a free online publishing site. From there, you can choose your format and download completely free. We recommend PDF, but there are other options as well. All stories are completely free of charge.

-Brad OH Inc.

Single Serving Stories:

1) ‘As It Happened’:

As It Happened Cover
‘As It Happened’ is a story about change. It tells the tale of a couple experiencing and struggling to navigate some key changes in the world around them, and we hope you’ll enjoy reading it.

‘As It Happened’- Smashwords

2) ‘A Conversation of Inconclusive Results’:

A Conversation of Inconclusive Results Cover

‘A Conversation of Inconclusive Results’ is the story of a group of college kids out to have fun. As perhaps some readers of Brad OH Inc. can relate to, they end up imbibing heavily, and their discussion begins to steer towards some very metaphysical topics. Will the slobbering-drunk Ethan find the answers he’s looking for from his friends? Or will the conversation only lead him down a path lacking in intellectual succor entirely? Well we here at Brad OH Inc. are strongly opposed to spoiling the surprise for our dedicated troop of fans (it’s one of our key tenets!), so you’ll just have to read the story for yourself.

‘A Conversation of Inconclusive Results’- Smashwords

3) ‘Celebration of Fury’:

Celebration of Fury Cover

‘Celebration of Fury’ is not a story at all, but rather a poem. So for all of you who’ve been lamenting the lack of existential poetry available—you’d best find a new platform to protest. ‘Celebration of Fury’ is about the experience of human life, and like the lavish robes of the famous emperor, we know you’ll come to appreciate its excessive brilliance.

‘Celebration of Fury’- Smashwords

4) ‘Circular Journey’:

Circular Journey Cover

This was a piece written for a psychology class, back when our personhood referred only to ourself. This work is a psycho-biographical study of Joseph Bruce, known as Violent J of the Insane Clown Posse (ICP). The piece is written as a study of the artistic process experienced by Violent J, as viewed through the lens of ‘Terror Management Theory’, a psychological perspective originating from the works of Ernest Becker.

‘Circular Journey’- Smashwords

5) ‘Of Pipers and Pigs’:

Of Pipers and Pigs Cover

Whether you’re a common-place reader, or the head of a successful corporation, the political climate of our current age is not an easy thing to navigate.
The story we have for you today, ‘Of Pipers and Pigs’, tells of an individual dealing with just such uncertainties. It’s about a man watching big things happening, while simultaneously questioning his own role in the events. After all, it’s an important thing for everyone to consider their role in the world, and what they can best do to improve things.
With that acknowledged, we here at Brad OH Inc. wholeheartedly encourage you to do your best to improve our world by downloading this newest free story! We hope you enjoy it.

‘Of Pipers and Pigs’- Smashwords

6) ‘In That Number’:

In That Number Cover‘In That Number’ is a story about change, and one man’s uncertainty as he heads irrevocably towards a reckoning that will leave his world unrecognizable. It’s not up to him who goes with him and who stays behind, and as he heads towards the unknown, he reflects on what’s come to pass, what may yet be, and the weight of the choices which have led him to this junction.

‘In That Number’- Smashwords

7) ‘The Election’:

theelectioncover‘The Election’ is the story of a cynical journalist covering the heinous events of the fourth annual United Corporate Election. This story is inspired by and dedicated to the late Dr. Hunter S. Thompson and his unique style of ‘Gonzo Journalism’.

‘The Election’- Smashwords

8) ‘Neve Uncovers the Ultimate Truth of All Things’:

Neve Uncovers the Ultimate Truth of All Things- Cover‘Neve Uncovers the Ultimate Truth of All Things’ was written as part of an anthology by our local writer’s group, with proceeds going to the local library branch. As part of this anthology, it is written as a celebration of libraries, and books in general. ‘Neve Uncovers the Ultimate Truth of All Things’ tells the tale of a little girl with some big concerns, left to ponder upon them in the familiar confines of her local library. Although her world is in an increasing state of turmoil, she finds comfort and meaning in the books around her.

‘Neve Uncovers the Ultimate Truth of All Things’- Smashwords

9) ‘A Story Untold’:

A Story Untold- Cover‘A Story Untold’ is the tale of four young children who share in an incredible adventure. Taken against their will on a ride through the stars, the children all process the experience rather differently, and as the full weight of their situation dawns on them, it is up to each to find the meaning and sense behind it in their own individual way.

‘A Story Untold’- Smashwords

10) ‘Default’:

3- Default- Cover

Marie has been sent by SALIGIA Inc. to ensure that the distractible cognition-engineers Nick and Albert meet their deadline on ‘Project: Adam’—a state of the art A.I. personality interface set to revolutionize the way robotics interact in the world. As she grows tired of their constant philosophic debates however, she turns to the new Reality TV Show, ‘Welcome to the 1%’ for the insights she needs to hurry them along.

Watching three vagrants vie for a chance at the gilded life, Marie finds a peculiar take on the human condition, and uses this to cunningly subvert the high-minded ambitions of the two engineers, and turn the project towards the profit-driven purposes of SALIGIA Inc.

‘Default’- Smashwords

-Brad OH Inc.

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