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Author Bio:

Brad Oates is the author of ‘Edgar’s Worst Sunday’ and ‘Meaning Less‘.

Growing up in the small town of Mayerthorpe, Alberta, Canada, Brad developed a passion for literature at an early age. Many of his first memories involve being curled up on the couch with his parents and siblings as they read ‘The Hobbit’ and ‘The Lord of the Rings’.

Brad now lives in Edmonton, Alberta, with his dog, Bogney. He is a senior member of the Edmonton Writer’s Group, and enjoys writing at the the local Whyte Ave bars when he finds the time.

On his blog, www.BradOHInc.com , he enjoys writing in a wide variety of genres, and covers numerous topics. In general, he finds himself leaning towards a darkly comedic, literary approach, and often dwells on the themes of human virtue, and self-deception.


Brad OH Inc. is the official website and blog of Brad Oates, author of ‘Edgar’s Worst Sunday’.

It is the goal of everyone at Brad OH Inc. to entertain and enlighten any who stumble upon this blog. Our works are written with the intention of engaging, while drawing attention to a variety of social and interpersonal quandaries. We sincerely hope you enjoy it.


This seems like a convenient spot to provide you with a formal tour of the place. After all, we know that fans of Brad OH Inc. hail from around the globe, and come from all walks of life and educational backgrounds. So if some of you can’t figure out how to use the navigation tools provided, or pale at the thought of exploring the page options on the top menu bar, we understand.

It’s our duty, as the responsible corporate entity we are, to ensure that even the simplest among you have the information necessary to get the most from your time here at Brad OH Inc.

Let’s start off with the (semi)weekly posts. Now, these posts, made most often each Sunday, are meant to be pretty straight-forward, and are even tagged under a variety of headings to allow a sense of the theme or topic right from the get-go. But that might be a little intellectually demanding for some of our less cerebral fans out there, so let’s just go ahead and outline the various post categories, and what exactly they are meant to represent:

(Note: You can click on the title of each category below to go straight to a list of all posts made in that category. This can also be done at any time via the little drop down menu directly to the right marked, ‘Post Categories’.)

Under the Green Desk Lamp:

Green Desklamp‘Under the Green Desk Lamp’ is a regular feature here on Brad OH Inc. This category is the place for any sort of random musings to come off the reporting desks here at Brad OH Inc., and may cover such varied topics as philosophy, society, media, music, etc.

Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in the articles of ‘Under the Green Desk Lamp’ are not necessarily the views and opinions of Brad OH Inc.

Purely Speculation:

purelyspeculation‘Purely Speculation’ is a series dedicated to facilitating conversation on key political issues. It’s an open forum for Brad OH Inc. contributors to voice their opinions on any matter associated with political direction–ranging from economic systems to globalization. Each article is meant to stand separately, and it’s the hope of everyone at Brad OH Inc. that these myriad opinions lead to some productive debate among the readers here at Brad OH Inc.

Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in the articles of ‘Purely Speculation’ are not necessarily the views and opinions of Brad OH Inc.

Requisite Things:

BradOH_Banner_JPG‘Requisite Things’ covers all functional topics here at Brad OH Inc. (just like this one). This is an opportunity for all of us here at Brad OH Inc. to address the reader directly, without the fanciful obfuscations inherent to ‘creative liberty’ and ‘artistic license’.

Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in the articles of ‘Requisite Things’ are the express property of, and directly reflect the views and opinions of everyone here at Brad OH Inc.

The Gentleman Juggalo:

The Gentleman Juggalo Logo‘The Gentleman Juggalo’ is a special section here on Brad OH Inc. Created to help shine a spotlight on articles about the Insane Clown Posse and their infamous fans ‘The Juggalos’, ‘The Gentleman Juggalo’ is meant to offer a counter-balance to the sort of uninformed vitriol dominating the subject matter in popular media.

Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in the articles of ‘The Gentleman Juggalo’ are not necessarily the views and opinions of Brad OH Inc.

Project: FearNaught:

FN_banner_Wide_PNG‘Project: FearNaught’ is a side-project by our esteemed guest writer, Jeremy Arthur. Jeremy’s purpose in the article of ‘Project FearNaught’ is simple—he wants to start ‘the conversation that changes the world’. It’s a pretty tall order we admit, and it must go without saying that his efforts hinge entirely on your participation and dialogue. As such, each article will include a direct link to the comments section. Please do feel free (and highly encouraged) to use that link to discuss the issues, share your own personal opinions, and help to grow the ideas beyond merely one man and a keyboard.

Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in the articles of ‘Project: FearNaught’ are not necessarily the views and opinions of Brad OH Inc.

That covers the basic categories for our weekly posts, but there’s more than that on offer here at Brad OH Inc. Along the top of the blog, just under our stylish Corporate banner, you’ll see a menu with several different options on it. The first two (‘Home’  and ‘About Brad OH Inc.’) should be pretty self-explanatory. If not, we very much doubt we can help you in understanding, as any efforts on our part would inevitably be suffocated under the crippling weight of your own illiteracy.

As for the other two menu options, these will take you to separate pages within the Brad OH Inc. blog, each dedicated to some of the bigger projects coming down the pipe from the contributors here at Brad OH Inc.

They are as follows:

(Note: You can click on the title of each page below to go straight to that page.)

Buy Books:

This is a one stop-shop for all the books we have available here at Brad OH Inc. Click any of the images or links to be directed to the best spot to pick up your copy.


This is where you will find the novels currently underway here at Brad OH Inc. While all are currently in various states of completion, you can read about the general premise at this time, as well as view the gorgeous cover art for each.

Single Serving Stories:

Brad OH Inc. is proud to be able to offer its fans quick, accessible reads. Who’s never arrived home from a long days work, looked at their dusty TV screen, their tired old I-pod, or their unaffectionate spouse and thought- ‘You know, what I need is a nice short story.’

Well, we heard you! This page is a place to keep track of all the short stories released here at Brad OH Inc. Feel free to browse, download, and share. Indeed, we live in a world of single serving meals, soaps, relationships and sincerity, so why not crack open a single serving story and enjoy yourself?

Each and every ‘Single Serving Story’ can be downloaded directly to your computer from the links provided at the end of the descriptions. This will take you to ‘SmashWords’, a free online publishing site. From there, you can choose your format and download completely free. We recommend PDF, but there are other options as well. All stories are completely free of charge.

Finally, a few other tools exist to help you get the most out of your time here at Brad OH Inc. On the right, directly under the ‘Post Categories’ drop-down explained above, you’ll find a couple of options to help you keep in touch with us here at Brad OH Inc.

Firstly, you can click to sign up to the blog. This option will provide e-mail notifications whenever a new post is made, ensuring you’ll never miss a story.

Secondly, you can opt to follow our official fan-page on Facebook, which will provide updates for all posts and happenings related to Brad OH Inc.

The Gravatar profile provides a bit more information on this writer, while the ‘My Books on Goodreads’ link provides access to the Goodreads profile for all published works from Brad OH Inc.

Well, that about sums it up folks—a comprehensive tour of everything we have on offer here at Brad OH Inc. Hopefully this helps you get the most out of your time here, because if your lack of understanding keeps you from realizing just what an excellent service we provide, then our product doesn’t grow, and that means we just aren’t doing our jobs. So familiarize yourself with the site, and spread the word—it is the first Central Commandment of the ‘Corporate Religion of Brad OH Inc.’, after all.

-Brad OH Inc.

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