An Important Announcement from Brad OH Inc.

Today is an especially proud day for us here at Brad OH Inc. While it’s been in the works for some time now, today we are pleased to officially announce to all of you that our debut novel, ‘Edgar’s Worst Sunday’ has received a full publishing contract from Sands Press.

Cover Art may not be exactly as shown.

 We’ll be sure to keep you updated as further timelines are available, but rest assured the time will soon come that you’ll be able to purchase ‘Edgar’s Worst Sunday’ online, or at a bookstore near you!

We here at Brad OH Inc. are thrilled with this exciting new phase, and are looking forward to working with all the good people at Sands Press.

 -Brad OH Inc.


A Brief Hiatus…


Fresh things are afoot here at Brad OH Inc. New short stories, new post topics, brand new projects, and a special new surprise you have absolutely no idea about! There can be no question whatsoever my dear readers, the anticipation is downright…palpable!

So, with such an uncontrollable hype engine built, what better time for your fearless leaders here in the gilded towers of Brad OH Inc. to take a brief hiatus!


Nevertheless, everyone here who matters will be off in England for a bit, on account of an unavoidable adventure. Regular posting will continue (with all due luck) on July 9th.

Until then, do enjoy your lives.

Your (primarily) loyal literary pals,

-Brad OH Inc.

Things Officially Denounced by Brad OH Inc.

cropped-cropped-blogbanner13.jpgLast week, we published a list of things officially endorsed by Brad OH Inc. While it is certainly important to acknowledge good work and worthy efforts, it’s equally essential to give due recognition to the baleful disappointments and pin-headed foibles which irk us on a daily basis. These are the things we deem worthy of shame and scorn, and it’s important to be mindful of them as well!

Therefore, today we have a list of all the things officially denounced by Brad OH Inc.

Things Officially Denounced by Brad OH Inc.:

  1. Precipitation.
  2. Cold Weather.
  3. Sharks.
  4. Nicolas Cage.
  5. Things that are more complicated than they need to be, and less functional because of it.
  6. Designed obsolescence.
  7. Greed.
  8. Close mindedness.
  9. People who hate too many things.
  10. People who miss the joke or fail to catch wordplay.
  11. People who use personal labels to justify unforgiveable atrocities.
  12. People who claim Divine inspiration to justify evil deeds.
  13. People who don’t understand rhetorical questions.
  14. People who ask open questions despite being willing to accept only one answer.
  15. Idiots, dweebs, and poindexters.
  16. Those who put politics before civility.

-Brad OH Inc.

Things Officially Endorsed by Brad OH Inc.

cropped-cropped-blogbanner13.jpgHere at Brad OH Inc., we know the importance of giving credit where it’s due. After all, how else do we keep the expectations high and the good times rolling?

In light of this key recognition, we wanted to take a moment today to share a formal list of all those things worthy of an official endorsement from Brad OH Inc.

Things Officially Endorsed by Brad OH Inc.:

  1. Animals—they suffer so few of the human vices.
  2. Lists.
  3. Red Meat.
  4. Dark Beer.
  5. Things which can be quantified.
  6. Things too big to quantify.
  7. Lunatics and maniacs.
  8. Friends and Family.
  9. Nerds.
  10. People who read our posts—especially when they comment, like, or share.
  11. People who ask good questions.
  12. Intelligence and eloquence.
  13. Loyalty and faith.
  14. Close families and well-educated children.
  15.  Mountains, and Oceans.
  16. People who can find joy, peace or meaning in faith, or even fiction.

-Brad OH Inc.

Brad OH Inc.—Now Taking Requests!


Each week at Brad OH Inc., we endeavour to present a fresh new article for our readers to enjoy. These come from myriad different inspirations, and include such a broad range of topics as politics, philosophy, poetry, music and more. In this effort, we have tried not only to create varied content, but also to represent a broad swath of perspectives and opinions. After all, we believe it is a far more useful goal to explore the diversity of thought and the benefits of thinking outside the box than to push for a single perspective to the detriment of critical consideration.

But what we here at Brad OH Inc. have been wondering is: What do you want? That’s right, today we’re reaching out to our readers to better understand what’s most in demand. Do you want to see more of any particular article type? Perhaps you’d like to see a familiar issue covered from a unique perspective? Well, for a limited time only, we’re open to your suggestions!

Rest assured, we have a lot of potential topics coming down the pipeline, along with some unexpected surprises. But being the caring and commercially motivated Corporation we are, we thought it only prudent to also reach out to you, our dear readers.

What type of article do you prefer? What crucial issues would you like us to resolve for you and the rest of the world? If you have any general topic, or even a specific perspective you’d like to see the infallible brain-trust at Brad OH Inc. elucidate, then send us an e-mail or leave your input in the comments section. The comments section is found by scrolling to the very bottom of this page, and there’s a direct link for e-mail below… So try it out, because you never know…we just might answer!

Direct E-mail

-Brad OH Inc.

Free J.R.R. Tolkien and Middle Earth Mythology Lessons Now Available

cropped-cropped-blogbanner13.jpgHere at Brad OH Inc., there’s no doubt our readers look to us as a source of unceasing encouragement—a veritable role-model of decency and high-minded ideals. Now that’s no easy feat for a multi-national super-corporation like us, but we’ve always found that the best way to clean out the closet and embrace the public good is with a bit of good old fashioned public service!

Now, it’s about time for us to up our karma score, so to that end we are announcing a brand new public service available exclusively from Brad OH Inc.

As of today, and extending on into the great vastness of infinity, Brad OH Inc. is offering FREE sessions on the History/ Mythology of J.R.R. Tolkien’s Middle-Earth to our readers and friends.

Have you always wondered just who that Sauron character was and where he came from?

What about the Balrog?

Where was Elrond’s wife?

Do you long to know more about the heartbreaking tale of Beren and Luthien, or the incredible duel between Fingolfin and Morgoth? Of course you do! Who doesn’t?

Well, now you don’t have to sit and idly wonder any longer. Just contact us through this site (or any other means you have—creep!) and let us know exactly what you need. Maps? History? Specific questions? Musical references? You name it—we here at Brad OH Inc. have got it in spades! We’re happy to share the knowledge we’ve acquired over long years of dedicated nerdiness, all while working to improve public perceptions around our compassionate little Corporation.

There’s a link below to click for contacts and inquiries, but please, form an orderly line—we’ll get to each and every question in the order they arrive (or by personal preference).

-Contact Us Here.

-Brad OH Inc.

The Greatest Hits of Brad OH Inc.

cropped-cropped-blogbanner13.jpgHere at Brad OH Inc., we’ve been sharing regular content since late 2012, and over the years we’ve covered countless invaluable topics in great depth. In fact, there are now four distinct categories (Link) on offer for our readers—each with a unique voice and subject matter.

Today, we want to take the opportunity to review and revisit some of the very best articles we’ve put out over the years. Below, you’ll find our own personal Top 10 List, conveniently broken down by category. You can click the banner of each to go directly to that category, or you can click the title of each article to navigate there and read it in full.

 Under the Green Desk Lamp:

Green Desklamp

Bourbons by the Fire: A brief, stream of consciousness piece about vision and purpose. In this article, we explore the state of the world, and our individual power to change it.

Bullying in the Supermarket: This piece is an exploration of the culture of bullying, exploring the mixed messages of a world which tells children to be kind, while holding no such expectations for its adults, business leaders, or media.

Profits and Prophets: Over the past decade, many of the greatest disasters, losses, and threats we’ve faced have centered around two specific homonyms: Profits, and Prophets. We explore this notion here.

The Metaphorical Imperative- Part 1, and The Metaphorical Imperative- Part 2: The ‘Metaphorical Imperative’ is one of the most fundamental ideas behind Brad OH Inc., and will soon prove to be among the defining themes in one of our biggest upcoming projects. These two articles take an in-depth look at this essential philosophy.

 Purely Speculation:


On The Concept of Society: In this article, we establish and explore a basic understanding of society based on human history and contemporary needs. If we are to endeavour to consider changes to society, it is imperative that we first define our terms and understand exactly what we mean by the word.

Saving the World 101: How can we harbour hope for the future when the current situation often seems so dire? In this post, we discuss exactly what hope we may find for the future, and exactly what it would take to get us there.

The Global Scale: In ‘The Global Scale’, we pull our perspective back a bit to educate the reader about how interconnected the world truly is. If the decisions of one nation inevitably effect the rest, then we must take this global perspective into account any time we seek to make changes. Here, we reveal exactly what’s going on behind the scenes on the Global Scale, and exactly what sort of opposition the forces of progress are up against.

Requisite Things:


 A Call for Corporate Suffrage: ‘Corporate Suffrage’—what two words could be more heinous and detestable to any sober mind? Unless of course that mind happens to be focussed on the profits of its own Corporation—in that case, Corporate Suffrage seems pretty damn agreeable.

The New Corporate Religion of Brad OH Inc.: Here, we use our trademark Corporate perspective to push the notion of ‘Freedom of Religion’ as currently defined to its most vile extreme—specifically, Corporate Religion.

Gentleman Juggalo:

The Gentleman Juggalo Logo

The Juggalo Gang Designation Essay: Juggalos—the fanatical fans of the Insane Clown Posse—have been labelled an organized, hybrid gang by the FBI. In this article, we take those tools to task—elucidating not only what a miscarriage of justice this action is—but also establishing it as an unforgivable misdirection from federal accountability.

Collectively, these articles cover a fine spread of what we’ve put on offer over the years here at Brad OH Inc., and while it is certainly important to celebrate the past, it must not be taken to mean we don’t look to the future. Therefore, we invite all of you to let us know in the Comments below what your favourite articles have been, which categories you prefer, or if you have any specific topics you’d like to see us cover. After all, here at Brad OH Inc., we live to please!*

*This statement does not necessarily reflect the thoughts or opinions of anyone at Brad OH Inc., and is not to be taken as legally, morally, or even tangentially binding.

-Brad OH Inc.