A Christmas Gift from Brad OH Inc.

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Here at Brad OH Inc., we’re always happy to celebrate the Christmas season, and never more so than this year! With 2012 being the first year Brad OH Inc. is open for Christmas, we thought it only appropriate to celebrate the occasion with a special gift.

Now, you all know the dedication Brad OH Inc. feels for each and every one of our readers, so of course we knew this present—our first Christmas gift ever—had to be especially memorable. Too often, gifts are chosen for the ease of the purchaser—accomplishing all their shopping in one fell swoop simply to have it over with. But we didn’t just want something accessible. No, that would never do for the adoring fans of Brad OH Inc.

Brad OH Inc. takes real pride in knowing our fans, and in understanding their wants and needs. As such, this occasion called for something especially considerate. It was no easy task…

The first thing to consider was the ages of our readers. Children are certainly easy enough to shop for—constantly straining their sticky fingers for whatever flashing doohickey is within their sight. But the mature, discerning patrons of Brad OH Inc. are not quite so easily placated.

As we age, it becomes more and more challenging to settle on what we want; most of us have our essentials covered, and it can be difficult picking out frivolous material goods. But the more significant stress is trying to figure out what to get everyone else—most of whom are enduring the same trials as we are.

In especially close relationships, a preferred solution to this conundrum is the gift card. They are convenient to purchase, and allow a degree of choice for the recipient. Amongst like-minded friends, the gift cards exchanged may even be for the same retailer.  However, the stress then becomes a matter of what amount to trade; if two friends exchange gift cards for the same store, but one is given a larger amount, it’s a pretty unfortunate trade-off.

It’s clear then that the ideal in this scenario is to exchange gift cards to the same place, and of the same amount. Now, it’s not a stretch to wonder whether this is a futile exercise, or if there is at least some significance to essentially sectioning off some of our money towards a store we might enjoy—in proportion to the number of friends we have.

Sadly, another important consideration arises. As people continue to mature—eventually coming to raise a family—even the choice of store may change. An example would be a friend who once wished for a gift card to an electronics store growing to prefer one they could use to provide for their children. The ideal gift for these priority-driven folk may be one grounded moreover in flexibility. The most eloquent course then would be a simple exchange of cash—once again in equal amounts of course.

With this approach there is really no practical exchange of anything whatsoever—everyone can just keep their own money and use it to celebrate the season however they see fit. That might entail sharing a few holiday spirits with those same friends they are no longer burdened with shopping for, saving it for harder times, buying diapers, giving some to charities—whatever makes them happy.

Therefore, this year, after long thought and careful consideration, Brad OH Inc. is thrilled to have found the ideal gift for our readers… the perfect acknowledgement not only of their fervent dedication to our site, but also of their own unique considerations and concerns. So without further ado, everyone at Brad OH Inc. is happy to present its fans with their 2012 Christmas gift—nothing.

No one deserves it more than you!

-Brad OH Inc.

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