New Cover Art

Here at Brad OH Inc. we strive for eternal vigilance in monitoring and responding to the needs of our fans. Now, we know you all love our short stories, and feel a certain indescribable thrill whenever the opportunity to read a new one arises, and for that we are thankful! But with fans like ours, we know that we cannot rest on our laurels.

You need more- more material, more insight… more art. Who wants to read a book without a cover? So here at Brad OH Inc. we’ve assembled a crack group of in house artists to put together beautiful, hand-crafted covers for our submissions. The first one- ‘As It Happened’, is ready now. You can find the cover in this post, on the ‘Single Serving Stories’ page under ‘As It Happened’, or attached free to any copy downloaded from Smashwords.

As It Happened Cover

Sincere regards,

-Brad OH Inc.

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