‘A Conversation of Inconclusive Results’

‘A Conversation of Inconclusive Results’ is the story of a group of college kids out to have fun. As perhaps some readers of Brad OH Inc. can relate to, they end up imbibing heavily, and their discussion begins to steer towards some very metaphysical topics. Will the slobbering-drunk Ethan find the answers he’s looking for from his friends? Or will the conversation only lead him down a path lacking in intellectual succour entirely? Well we here at Brad OH Inc. are strongly opposed to spoiling the surprise for our dedicated troop of fans (it’s one of our key tenets!), so you’ll just have to read the story for yourself.

Find attached as always a free PDF version, or if you’re one of our darling technophile readers, follow the link to Smashwords.com to get your free e-copy!

Thanks again for visiting Brad OH Inc. and remember–the only thing more important than loyalty, is brand loyalty.

A Conversation of Inconclusive Results Cover

A Conversation of Inconclusive Results- Smashwords

PDF- A Conversation of Inconclusive Results

-Brad OH Inc.

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