A Brad OH Inc. ‘Featured Artist’

cropped-blogbanner1.jpgToday at Brad OH Inc., we are happy to present featured artist, Troy Barker. Troy has been very busy behind the scenes creating a good deal of cover art for Brad OH Inc., Including that for our upcoming novel, ‘Edgar’s Worst Sunday’.

Edgar's Worst Sunday Official Cover‘Edgar’s Worst Sunday’ is the story of Edgar Vincent, a semi-successful composer who’s always had one great passion—himself.

In life, Edgar Vincent had been something of a cad. Callous comments, thoughtless promiscuity, binge drinking, and excess sufficient to shame Caligula were standard Saturday night fare.

Sundays for Edgar had always been a painful haze of sickness and regret.

But when Edgar finds himself in the cloudy planes of the afterlife on one particularly bleak Sunday morning, he must put aside his ever-present hangover and try to figure out how he ever got to this point, and where he’s meant to be going now.

However, heaven also presents Edgar with an unending smorgasbord of hedonistic entertainment, so he’s in no particular hurry to change his self-serving outlook. After all, considering that he’s already dead, what could he stand to lose?

Troy is also the man responsible for the cover art of ‘Man Wakes Up’, a Brad OH Inc. novel currently on hold in lieu of other projects.

MWU Official CoverYou can read more about ‘Man Wakes Up’ and ‘Edgar’s Worst Sunday’ on our ‘Novels’ page.

Finally, Troy is also the creator of the incredible cover art for ‘The Election’, an upcoming ‘Single Serving Story’ from Brad OH Inc. ‘The Election’ is the story of a cynical journalist covering the heinous events of the fourth annual United Corporate Election. This story is inspired by and dedicated to the late Dr. Hunter S. Thompson, and as such Troy was driven to do the cover in an amazing, Ralph Steadman based style.

theelectioncoverClearly, Troy is a considerable talent, and it’s our pleasure today to share him with you. Troy is available to do cover arts and various other commissions at negotiable prices, and can be contacted at Troy Barker. You’ll also find a sampling of other works by Troy on his page.

-Brad OH Inc.

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