Brad OH Inc.—Now Taking Requests!


Each week at Brad OH Inc., we endeavour to present a fresh new article for our readers to enjoy. These come from myriad different inspirations, and include such a broad range of topics as politics, philosophy, poetry, music and more. In this effort, we have tried not only to create varied content, but also to represent a broad swath of perspectives and opinions. After all, we believe it is a far more useful goal to explore the diversity of thought and the benefits of thinking outside the box than to push for a single perspective to the detriment of critical consideration.

But what we here at Brad OH Inc. have been wondering is: What do you want? That’s right, today we’re reaching out to our readers to better understand what’s most in demand. Do you want to see more of any particular article type? Perhaps you’d like to see a familiar issue covered from a unique perspective? Well, for a limited time only, we’re open to your suggestions!

Rest assured, we have a lot of potential topics coming down the pipeline, along with some unexpected surprises. But being the caring and commercially motivated Corporation we are, we thought it only prudent to also reach out to you, our dear readers.

What type of article do you prefer? What crucial issues would you like us to resolve for you and the rest of the world? If you have any general topic, or even a specific perspective you’d like to see the infallible brain-trust at Brad OH Inc. elucidate, then send us an e-mail or leave your input in the comments section. The comments section is found by scrolling to the very bottom of this page, and there’s a direct link for e-mail below… So try it out, because you never know…we just might answer!

Direct E-mail

-Brad OH Inc.

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