Things Officially Endorsed by Brad OH Inc.

cropped-cropped-blogbanner13.jpgHere at Brad OH Inc., we know the importance of giving credit where it’s due. After all, how else do we keep the expectations high and the good times rolling?

In light of this key recognition, we wanted to take a moment today to share a formal list of all those things worthy of an official endorsement from Brad OH Inc.

Things Officially Endorsed by Brad OH Inc.:

  1. Animals—they suffer so few of the human vices.
  2. Lists.
  3. Red Meat.
  4. Dark Beer.
  5. Things which can be quantified.
  6. Things too big to quantify.
  7. Lunatics and maniacs.
  8. Friends and Family.
  9. Nerds.
  10. People who read our posts—especially when they comment, like, or share.
  11. People who ask good questions.
  12. Intelligence and eloquence.
  13. Loyalty and faith.
  14. Close families and well-educated children.
  15.  Mountains, and Oceans.
  16. People who can find joy, peace or meaning in faith, or even fiction.

-Brad OH Inc.

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