A Clarification from Brad OH Inc.


Well, this little slice of paradise has been pretty active lately. ‘Under the Green Desk Lamp’ is a new series we are presenting here at Brad OH Inc. It’s an opportunity for any of the myriad Brad OH Inc. contributors to have their anonymous moment in the spotlight—sounding off about whatever might be on their mind. ‘Purely Speculation’ meanwhile, is a series dedicated to the political ramblings of Brad OH Inc. employees—regardless of how varied and inconsistent their opinions may be.

While that’s all lovely and entirely in line with our beloved rights to freedom of speech, we here at Brad OH Inc. believe it’s time for a few pedantic clarifications. Speculative fiction and philosophy are wonderful subjects for armchair philosophers and failed visionaries, but it is imperative to note that the views and opinions expressed by these reactionary zealots are not necessarily the views and opinions of Brad OH Inc. as a corporate entity. In fact, it would seem they are often at loggerheads.

Therefore, this post is to assure you that despite the pseudo-intellectual musings of our less enlightened contributors, we remain entirely dedicated to the Corporate values you’ve come to embrace from us here at Brad OH Inc., and struggle incessantly towards the day when Corporate Suffrage will finally bring justice to our maligned name.

Your Friends,

-Brad OH Inc.

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