Interview with ‘The Dirtball’ of the Kottonmouth Kings

The Gentleman Juggalo LogoThe following is an interview conducted via e-mail with Dirtball, of the Kottonmouth Kings. The Kottonmouth Kings released their new album, ‘Krown Power’ on August 28th! You can read our review of ‘Krown Power’ here.

db-2-1_0‘The Dirtball’ of the Kottonmouth Kings.

 Brad OH Inc.:

Hey Guys, Brad OH here—from Brad OH Inc. I want to start off by thanking you for taking the time to do this interview. I’ve been a fan since ‘High Society’, and have had the pleasure of seeing you live a couple of times as well—including at the Gathering of the Juggalos 2010 and 2012!

I was excited the get the opportunity to do this Advanced Review and Interview, and certainly enjoyed listening to ‘Krown Power’ in preparation. ‘Krown Power’ is a pretty big album for you guys, as it marks the band’s debut release on your new record label ‘United Family Music’. Talk to me briefly if you would about the Subnoize breakup and the formation of United Family Music.

What does the new label represent to you guys, what was it like putting this album together without long-time collaborator Johnny Richter, and what did you see as your mission statement going into this album?

Dirtball of KMK:

The last three years has been incredible and gnarly all at the same time. Picture a group of artists writing records and pushing forward on their careers, not thinking any foul play could be lurking in the system, then BOOM!  The first wormhole is discovered.  You never want to think that your fellow co-worker, co-owner, or friend, would ever be stealing from you behind your back, but it happens.

Brad X started Subnoize long ago, to empower artists and provide a transparent, fair, situation. After hiring Kevin Zinger mid-way through to help handle the business end of things, a lot of decisions were being trusted by X to be the correct ones.  That was not the case (search The Dirtball “ROBBERY” feat. Daddy X on YouTube to get a clear picture-Link), and after three years of legal battles to get our music ownership back, heaps and heaps of fraud, money laundering, and re-directing of monies were discovered, that had been happening since the digital sales age showed up.

Not only was it shocking to see how your life’s work was stolen from you, but more shocking for Brad X to have his own company pillaged as such.  Throughout the course, there have been so many misconceptions, false defenses, gas lighting of what the actual truth is, that a lot of people have been in a state of confusion.  Even band members leaving the group (of which does not affect what we have going today), and being bribed to talk badly about us on the Internet. It’s a massive “SMH” situation, at everything we have been through to get to where we are right now…..of which is poised on the brink with a dope new album! Greased and ready to roll!

As far as doing music without Johnny Richter, it’s been a piece of cake!  We three are honed, mature, healthy individuals, that have been making music and performing on stages for a very long time.  When you get here, it’s serious.  No time for drugs, heavy partying, or lack of focus.  There’s no time for black outs, nod-offs, or any of that.  Our voice is our weapon.  We take this shit really seriously.  That being said, we are far more functionable and “team” oriented with this line-up.  The way we write is on another level for us that is positive.  We have our lives under control, and removed ourselves from any cancerous, toxic scenarios.  All up from here!

Brad X put together an amazing new label called “United Family Music”!  He built an amazing team of people and has placed us in a safe, comfortable position to release our music.  We couldn’t be happier right now!  UFM has a killer roster of artists as well, so go over to and check it out!

 Brad OH Inc.:

One thing I quickly noticed listening through ‘Krown Power’ was how easily you managed to hit all the familiar high notes I’d expect from a KMK album, while also introducing some fresh new elements. What stood out to me the most was how well the reggae influence worked on the album—it meshed perfectly with your sound and themes, and brought a distinct new, mature edge to the album.

This was especially evident through the presence of Marlon Asher, who was featured on 3 of the 18 songs. Tell us about your introduction to and relationship with Marlon Asher. I came across conflicting reports online about whether or not Marlon has been signed to UFM, can you clear this up for us?

Dirtball of KMK:

Marlon came to us at a home show in Orange County, and stated that he wanted to work with us.  Yes, the ganja farmer himself came to us, and asked if we wanted to do a few songs.  Once we hit the studio, it was magic from there!!! We slammed a gang of tracks out and used three for the record, of which the song “Ganja Glow”, and “Pump up the bass” we shot videos for.

So many songs came out of our studio sessions, Marlon decided to release a collar record of sorts with us.  So we are currently working on that, of which is absolutely amazing!!! He is such an uplifting spirit and talented vocalist!  I couldn’t believe my eyes watching him dip into the booth and straight murder hooks, bridges and verses, one-take, on each track.  Perfect tone and pitch!  He was dumping five songs of ideas perfectly, onto one song.  Incredible.  So, yes we are beyond stoked to be working with him!!

Brad OH Inc.:

Now that the new album is out, I assume plans for a supporting tour are well underway. What sort of ideas do you have to make this tour really stand out? Any opening acts lined up? What about Canada, any chance of coming to visit your friends north of the border?

Dirtball of KMK:

Of course Canada is a place we have yet to come due to a past member always having trouble at the border. So the answer is yes!  We have a lot of plans and tour routes building for this and next year in promotion of Krown Power and our solo albums.  And Canada is a must!  Here at home we will be doing a lot of regional jumps focusing on certain areas in a strategic way as to hit more towns than just a long tour would.  Of course there will be those too.  We can’t wait to start this cycle which is right around the corner!  You will see us live in your area real soon!

Brad OH Inc.:

As I mentioned above, I’ve seen you several times at the Gathering of the Juggalos—which is easily one of my all-time favorite musical events. What are some of the best experiences you’ve had at the Gathering? Any less than stellar moments? Finally, anything you’d like to say to any Juggalos reading this?

Dirtball of KMK:

We always have a blast at the GOTJ!!! Highlight of the year for sure!  Simply spending a few days there will have your brain packed with so many fucked up stories and things you witnessed, it’s bananas!  The freedom to do “whatever the fuck” intrigues us! Last year we all ate mushrooms and spun off into drum circles, and who knows where when or how!? Helicopter rides, drug bridge, naked people on acid, huge corn dogs and some of your favorite rap artists of all time performing!! On mushrooms??  ICP throws one helluvan event! I can’t recall us ever having a less than stellar time!!!   To the Juggalos you get a massive WHOOP WHOOP from the Kings!!!  MCL!

Brad OH Inc.:

Wrapping up, let’s talk about your direction from here. The past few years have seen a fair bit of change in the KMK camp, but ‘Krown Power’ is ample evidence that you’re still going strong. So what does the future hold for everyone’s favourite group of pie-eyed poets? Any long term career goals or ambitions you’re willing to share with us? Maybe a dream guest-spot to feature on an album, or a location/ event you’ve always wanted to play? Any personal hobbies or secret interests the fans may not know about?

Dirtball of KMK:

The goal from here is clear.  It’s to make continual music, enjoy doing so, and live our lives comfortably.  Having fun is a must!! We will never stop making music, and will continue to bring our fans dope albums and fresh love from the kingdom.  On a long term level, we are gonna continue to do what we do!  Burn herb and make tunes!!!  There exists no other time or space for anything less!! As far as future guests etc., we would love to do a track with Sublime, or maybe Snoop??  What about a track with Slightly Stoopid? Ice cube?  We shall see….. Also we will be playing Madison Square Garden New Year’s Eve.

Brad OH Inc.:

Well, that about does it so far as questions go. I want to thank you again for taking the time for this interview. I enjoyed the album greatly, and wish you all the best going forward in this exciting new era of your career. I’m sure I’ll be seeing you again at a Gathering again at some point—or sooner if you head up to Canada for your tour! Until then, keep it real ninjas.

Dirtball of KMK:

Much respect for the interview, and we shall smoke again soon!  Keep blazin’ and spreading the Krown Power love!!

KrownPowerClick on the pic above to grab your copy of ‘Krown Power’.

Well, we hope you enjoyed this Brad OH Inc. interview with Dirtball of the Kottonmouth Kings. If you have any other ideas for interviews or album reviews, be sure to share them in the comments section below.

-Brad OH Inc.

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