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cropped-cropped-blogbanner13.jpgToday on Brad OH Inc., we have a special item for all our dear readers. Rather than a new weekly post, we’re happy to share this article we’ve published through our good friends at GonzoToday.

Writing about the Insane Clown Posse and their ongoing legal battle against the FBI is nothing new for us, but when we were offered a chance to write something for a site like GonzoToday, we were happy to take the opportunity. Needless to say, this is a GonzoToday exclusive, and cannot be posted here (see publishers…we’re open to negotiations!), so follow the link below and check out our new article, ‘The Clown in Chief and the Juggalo Army’.

Click Here for Article.

-Brad OH Inc.

3 thoughts on “Brad OH Inc. Featured on ‘GonzoToday’

  1. Although I do not listen to the music of ICP, (I like more relaxing music) I do believe this article makes several valid points. Unfortunately, it is sad that there are still so many people who continue to judge or make assumptions about others based on their music, politics, religion, race, sex, opinions, societal status, affiliations, friends and acquaintances, occupations, clothing, stereotypes, tattoos, painted/greased faces or anything else….Remember the quote from Shakespeare, “What’s in a name?” A label such as ‘juggalo’, ‘sports fan,’ or anything else: is just that, a name or label. As it has been said, it is how one acts especially when one thinks nobody is watching, speaks volumes about ones true character. I am sure not all ‘juggalos’ are reputable people. That being said, I have met lots of other people from varying walks of life, that in my opinion, were also not so reputable. Everyone cannot be painted with the same brush.
    As long as at the end of the day you can feel good about yourself, knowing you treated others fairly and maybe brought some joy to someone, so simple to do, you are a success.
    The writer of this article, Brad OH, is my son, and he is one of the kindest, most compassionate and considerate people that I have the privilege of knowing. I am proud that he calls me ‘Mom.’ MML

  2. I cannot understand the venom and hatred that has been directed towards this group and their followers. Could it be the gathering of large groups of them all wearing face paint and labels. If so beware professional sports stadiums, Comic-Con, and showings of “The Rocky Horror Picture Show”, not to mention innumerable Halloween parties. Or perhaps it is the frenzied behavior of the crowd as ICP plays and people jump and scream as they throw plastic Faygo bottles at one another. Yet the jumping and screaming is typical of any concert while quite recently some sport stadiums have banned glass beer bottles as fans were throwing them into the crowd or at players. “Beer bottles”? Yes, people consume vast quantities of alcohol at almost any public event with the full blessing of society and the authorities, while a blind eye is often turned to the smoking of illegal drugs. For sure it could be the many riots and acts of destruction carried out by ”gangs” of drunken juggalos. Or was that sports “fans” who destroyed city/public property costing the tax payer millions of dollars and sending police officers to hospital? The same has happened at what started out as peaceful political rallies or protests for one cause or another. Within our society there are many philanthropic organizations which go about their mission of caring for, nourishing, developing, and enhancing the lives of their fellow human beings. Yet if we judged them by the sometimes comical outfits they wear or the secret rituals they follow how would they be seen and what lists would they be on?
    The comparisons could continue but I trust you get the point. When it comes to ICP and juggalos there seems to be a thin line between fan and gang member that has somehow disappeared. Perhaps this is a case where justice truly is blind and the scales do not balance.
    Legal action has failed them so now they will try a march on Washington. This could be a chance for people to see that they are not what some would have us see them as. Unfortunately it could also go the other way. The wrong action on either side could lead to disaster for their cause.
    *The two armies reached a truce and stood quietly facing each other. A soldier lifted his sword to kill a snake which had stung him, the two armies charged each other……. and thus ended the Realm of Camelot.

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