Project FearNaught: ‘Welcome to Project FearNaught’

‘Project FearNaught’ is a very simple idea. I want to start the conversation that changes the world.

This needs to be clear right up front—for I make no denial of my intentions, nor do I intend to play coy. I am an idealist, who believes without a doubt that humanity can and will be better. To this end, I hope not to be a solution, but a catalyst for the surge of decency so needed in this tired world.

My intention is to create a fitting code for the future of humanity. I seek to address the corruption that surrounds us daily, but more important still, the moral impotence which has allowed it to do so.

No doubt, you may think this sounds like an overly high ambition, but not I. The long-term goal of ‘Project FearNaught’—which starts right here, today—is to compile an ultimate ‘Book of Truth’. I want to discuss, explore, and finally settle upon the fundamental precepts which drive humanity—a moral code to which we can all subscribe and from which we all may benefit.

But high-minded discussions like these are better suited—I am aware—to beer halls and dorm rooms than they are to internet forums and personal blogs. So why start such a seemingly naive endeavour? Why strive to create unity in spite of the history books, and Corporate officials, and media outlets which constantly tell us that division is the natural way, and that economic control is the only power which can ever bring humanity to heel?

The proposition is not an easy sell, so let’s consider the reality of our situation. It’s rare to meet anyone these days who will sincerely claim to be optimistic—or even comfortable—about the current direction of our society. This isn’t an inspiring thought in a nation which still claims to be democratic. Every aspect of our lives is controlled by corporations and brutes. Even our elected officials are simple amalgams of surface-level popular opinion, designed to pacify the public while furthering the goals of those with real power.

We are divided on all fronts. We are separated by civil parties that have little impact, by religions that sedate while offering nothing in the way of solution—by every imaginable difference! But that’s just what they are—imagined. They are products of fear, and they keep us blinded to our potential.

Fear itself—that is the enemy. It turns one against another, and keeps us from realizing our true nature. Fear has subdued us, and daily we struggle simply to get by, rather than to grow or thrive. Fear breaks our spirits, and divides our intentions.

But united toward one purpose, humanity is an unstoppable force, and that’s just the reason why such a coalition of hope is the most contested and embattled notion of our times. It is a simple fact that systemic change cannot occur without its ideals first taking root within the hearts of all people. Personal change comes first, and that is the purpose of ‘Project FearNaught’.

My intention is to create an understanding of the universal and immutable human dignities—to remind us of all that fosters hope in mankind. In so doing, we may turn the tides of despair we are now faced with, and work together towards a better future for all.

So now I ask of you, my readers, to continue this discussion. Speak among yourselves—your friends and your enemies. What drives you? What do you hold as the core tenets of decency? Of humanity? What concerns do you have with the present direction of our world?

Consider these things, and then return to me. Challenge me. Push me to be better, and together, we may all be. I want to show you that we can be more than what we’ve been told.

So, come you nihilists and fanatics, you theists and you skeptics. Bring me your hearts, your minds, your input, and together we will find that higher ground. For I promise you this, as I set out upon this great and final task of mine: so long as there is a will towards improving our world, so long as there is a dream for greater virtue, there is a light to guide us. No doubt the days are dark, and the shadows of old terrors once again hold us in their sway. But we are capable of better, and we must remember this now more than ever.

Talk, think, explore. For when we work as one, with common purpose and with righteousness on our sides, there is truly nothing to fear.

 Be part of the debate:Project FearNaught is an effort to start the conversation that changes the world. As such, your voice is key to our ambition. To add your input, questions, or comments, click here.

-Jeremy Arthur

‘Truth Ink.’

2 thoughts on “Project FearNaught: ‘Welcome to Project FearNaught’

  1. I do not believe people have been called to such a daunting, frightening and potentially world changing challenge since Churchill made his “Blood, toil, tears, and sweat. … ” speech. Then, as now, the world was in a dark place and few people were able to see a way back to the light. Many accepted what they saw as the inevitable and hoped that by ignoring the fate of others they might somehow be spared. Others simply choose to isolate themselves from the world and hid behind the old lie that it wasn’t their concern. Today we face much of the same prejudice, bigotry, intolerance, social injustice etc. and far too many people choose to ignore what is happening (Martin Niemöller: “First they came for the Socialists…”). It is definitely time we define who we are as a species, what inalienable rights all people are entitled to, how much is enough for one person or group and how do we ensure that these equalities are spread world wide. You have taken on a daunting task at a time when it surely needs to be faced. To again quote Churchill ” …we shall never surrender.” Let this be the mantra of all those who join in the cause and may the struggle continue until justice is achieved.

    • Posted on behalf of Jeremy Arthur, Truth Ink.

      Thank you for the comment ‘D’, your words could not be more fitting. I remember that poem well from my own childhood, and have revisited it many times since. Indeed, it is often the easiest thing to turn our backs and claim it is not our fight. It is that very attitude of blame and distraction however which has delivered us to this brink, and it is thus the purpose of Project FearNaught to call it out by name, and to never rest on the laurels of apathy while there still remains work to be done for the good of all.
      I suppose it’s justified then to answer your quote with another:

      “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” -Edmund Burke

      Keep up the good fight D.

      Fear Naught,
      -Jeremy Arthur
      Truth Ink.

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