Don’t Chew on the Sharp End of the Pencil

DontChewPencil_750Here at Brad OH Inc., we are excited to announce the upcoming release of a brand new, collaborative project—because at Brad OH Inc., we know that many hands make less work… yet that the bounty may remain undivided.

We know that many of the loyal Brad OH readers come to our articles, and find themselves wondering how they can be more like the contributing minds behind Brad OH Inc. Well, now is your chance! ‘Don’t Chew on the Sharp End of the Pencil’ is an anthology produced by the Edmonton Writers Group, edited by Brad OH Inc. and Hal J. Friesen, and also featuring an article by Brad OH Inc.! This book is a collection of heartwarming stories for current or aspiring writers, or any readers looking to find the writer in themselves. Look for ‘Don’t Chew on the Sharp End of the Pencil’ to release here on Brad OH Inc., as well as sites for other Edmonton Writers Group members, on March. 5th.

-Brad OH Inc.