Happy Halloween to the Readers of Brad OH Inc.

It’s that time of year again.

Our favourite time of year.

Halloween is a time when we can become anything we want. Whether that’s a creature from our nightmares, an angel from our dreams, something wild, whacky, frightful… or even something we’ve always suspected we really were.

We can wear it without judgement, be it without cause for explanation—without call for question.

We can be weird or dashing, scary or funny, bold or invisible, obnoxious, quiet, reserved, or zany. We can be ourselves, someone like us, or someone we’ve always dreamed of. Maybe we can find that last illusive spectre out there as well.

So, to all the ghouls, creeps, clowns, crackheads, werewolves, vampires, ghosts, goblins, mer-people, super heroes, super villains, regular heroes, crooks, lagoon-folk, sasquatches, Killer Klowns, gremlins, wooly whatsits, jesters, Juggalos, Jokers, mad professors, incubi, demons, elves, hobbits, serial killers, and freaks. To all the people I’ll pass without recognizing, meet for the first time, or never get to glimpse. To the people I’ve loved, lost, longed for, and those I’ve long forgotten… happy Halloween.

I hope you figure out exactly what you want to be.

-Brad OH Inc.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays

The time has come again—each year passes faster it seems. With the holiday season upon us, it’s time for this writer to head home for good food and even better company with loved ones. I hope you’re all doing the same.

I’ll be taking next week off, but will be back with my regular postings on Jan. 6th.

I wish everyone a wonderful holiday—whatever you celebrate—and look forward to more great times next year.


-Brad OH Inc.

…And a Happy New Year

Under the Green Desk Lamp…

Green DesklampEvery year around this time, I used to write a reflective piece about the year just passed. I was never certain if it was a celebration of the new, or an elegy for the old. Either way, the yearning has left me over time. New Years, after all, is much like any other day when we really boil it down. No magical thinking will ensure that resolutions are kept, and no turn of a calendar will ensure a change of the heart.

We are this day, what we will be tomorrow, and have been yesterday. If that doesn’t suit us, then it behooves us to make the changes necessary not in starry-eyed declarations of intent, but rather as daily practices and improved habits.

Next year, we at Brad OH Inc. have plenty to look forward to. We’ll be maintaining our regular articles, debuting some exciting new themes, and continuing to seek publication for our debut novel, ‘Edgar’s Worst Sunday’ (Link).

On top of that, work continues on our next novel, and this is something which brings us particular joy. Writing is going well, and no doubt within this year we’ll be sharing exciting news, updates, and perhaps even some snippets from the novel itself.

But until that time, while it’s true that today is indeed the start of a new year, remember also that today is a new day, and so too shall tomorrow be. Make the most of it my friends, I sure know I intend to.

Happy New Year to all!

-Brad OH Inc.